ert-woptThe Hillsdale County Sheriff's Office maintains a 20 member SWAT team made up of sworn officers from the Hillsdale City Police and the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Office. The two agencies are able to provide enough manpower to staff the team when required without crippling the services to the rest of the community. Team members are required to attend a basic SWAT school where they are certified as operators on the SWAT Team. Training is ongoing after the basic school and the team trains regularly to maintain unity and proficiency. Members use specialized equipment and training to accomplish the goals of the team, with the highest goal being that of saving lives.

Full team call-outs run two or three times a year, but partial team calls run once a month. These calls may be warrant service, clandestine drug operations, intelligence gathering, armed dangerous subject calls, or any incident assigned to the team by the Sheriff or Undersheriff.

The SWAT Team works closely with the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) in our efforts to resolve critical incidents through communications and resolution without force. The SWAT Team provides leverage to the CNT, containing the situation and slowing things down so that negotiations can be established.

The SWAT Team in under the command of Lieutenant Tim Parker.tparker-wopt