Sheriff Stan Burchardt announces that  ADVANCED PISTOL TRAINING for 2015 is completed. The Hillsdale County Sheriff Department offered a civilian defensive Firearms Training course for those holding Michigan Concealed Pistol Licenses!  If you hold a valid Michigan CCP License and a Michigan Driver's License or Identification Card you are eligible to participate in this great opportunity for Advanced Pistol Training.  This training has provided valuable information and skills to better understand and prepare for a deadly force encounter. Classes may be offered again next year ,2016. Those classes will  be (8) hours and will take place at the HCSD Range. There will be a very short class room portion followed by shooting exercises to reinforce the skill set being taught.   Cost: $100 per student (Advance Payment Required) and students will be required to provide 250 rounds of ammunition for their Firearm. Limited numbers will be accepted for each class, Class size will be 20 max.

Click the Read More link to view topics that will be covered: CHECK BACK IN  EARLY 2016 for a Schedule of CLASSES!

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Sheriff Stan Burchardt would like to remind everyone that the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Department is providing a couple of valuable classes this spring and summer.


HCSD continues to provide the very best in Concealed Pistol Classses in Michigan. Our department was one of the first to offer Pistol Safety Classes once the law changed in 2001. Our instructors are the very same instructors that train all of our staff concerning Firearms Safety, tactical Use and legal authority for use. We offer a limited number of these classes per year, so check out our 2015 FIREARMS TRAINING SCHEDULE.

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